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Certify your staff members in work safety through one of our accredited short courses, launching this March in venues across the UK.

Having First Aid equipment and trained personnel in your workplace is not only a requirement of Health and Safety law, it can also help reduce the likelihood of having a severe emergency situation.

As part of our Risk Management offering we provide a range of short training courses to equip your staff members with the knowledge to tackle health and safety issues at work as well as the practical skills to act if there is ever an incident at your organisation.

Our team of expert trainers are all highly experienced in delivering engaging and informative training courses appropriate for all levels of seniority. Delegates will learn through a variety of techniques that will give them skills and confidence to immediately transfer to the workplace.

This year’s work safety training courses are launching in March and will be held throughout the year in various locations across the UK. Training courses run one day per week to minimise disruption to your business.

To book an individual delegate or group onto a training course please please email lisa.dennis@howdengroup.com.

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