Think your legal disputes are dragging on? You may not be consulting the right people.

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Owning rural land can turn litigious for all manner of reasons. A spat with the neighbours or the local council can see both sides calling their lawyer. The wheels of the legal system turn very slowly, cases can drag on and on.

Not only can the wheels turn slowly, they can sometimes turn in the wrong direction if they don’t have the necessary expertise behind them.

The rural sector is both diverse and complex in its nature. Farmers, land managers, land owners and estates face a plethora of different challenges with potential legal implications.

It could be land ownership, public right of way issues, rent disputes or environmental issues.

Whatever it is, if you are relying on general advice, that may be insufficient.

Winning any legal case is a team game, and your legal journey could be made simpler and shorter, with a respected and specialist insurance broker in your corner from day one.

The vast majority of insurance providers offer a packaged legal expenses policy. One of the reasons insurers are able to do this is that they use their own in house lawyers or outsource the work to one legal firm.

This “one size fits all” approach does not always suit landowners who want to work with specialists and have more choice in their selection. This is even more evident where they have diversified or have large amounts of land where issues arise more regularly.

Your insurance broker is your first line of defence. By working closely with some of the

UK’s leading law firms specailising in rural matters, R K Harrison have created a policy that offers cover for complex diversified businesses, large and small.

Bespoke Rural Legal

Our Bespoke Rural Legal product cover offers one of the broadest ranges on the market. Furthermore, cover can be customised with the addition of optional extras.

Standard covers

  • Property disputes
  • Agricultural rent disputes
  • Basic payment subsidy protection
  • Wayleave disputes
  • Public right of way issues
  • Croft disputes
  • Criminal prosecutions
  • Tax investigations
  • Personal injury claims

You can also upgrade

  • Contract disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • License disputes
  • Planning and compulsory
  • purchase orders
  • Mediated partnership disputes
  • Professional negligence pursuit
  • Judicial review.

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