CHIS & PrimeCare

In 2015, Brighton-based Care Home Insurance services (CHIS) and PrimeCare, were acquired by Howden.

CHIS and PrimeCare were both market leaders in the care insurance sector and brought 20 years of experience which has added huge value to our, already experienced, care team.

With the changing nature of the care industry and an aging population, this acquisition has reinforced a previously existing care proposition by combining a wealth of knowledge with our corporate scale and strength, allowing us to easily adapt to developments in the industry.  

At Howden, personality is important.  We have worked hard to keep the friendly and skilled approach that gained CHIS and PrimeCare so much respect in the care industry. Coupled with our expansive distribution network and expertise in other product lines, the result has produced one of the best care insurance propositions in the market.

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