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We are offering a limited number of businesses the opportunity to undergo a cyber risk assessment

Working in partnership with Crossword Cyber Security, we are offering a limited number of businesses the opportunity to undergo a Rizikon cyber risk assessment either free of charge or at a heavily discounted rate of just £100.

If the following questions are concerning you, Rizikon is just the tool you need:

  • Are you worried about cyber-attacks, data breaches and ransomware?
  • How do you know your cyber security is OK?
  • Is your cybersecurity independently audited?
  • Is your GDPR plan agreed & under way?
  • Are you applying for Cyber Essentials?

Rizikon is a simple to use, online questionnaire that asks the questions needed to understand your cyber risk profile. It collects information and produces an easy to understand, confidential report, either verifying systems are secure, or providing the guidance needed to improve security.

Rizikon can also be used to compile the self-assessment for the government Cyber essentials scheme.  The Cyber Essentials stamp demonstrates an organisation takes cyber threats seriously and undertakes the necessary steps to protect the information & data of both customers and business partners.

Very few firms currently buy stand-alone cyber liability insurance.  We believe that even fewer firms really understand the exposures they face or the defenses they need to introduce to protect against those exposures. We strongly encourage you to complete the Rizikon test and then take an informed decision on the purchase of a cyber liability insurance and risk mitigation product, which can cost as little as £500.

 For further information, please contact you Howden account manager.

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