The Get it Right Initiative (GIRI) has revealed that annual spend due to error in the UK construction industry is staggering

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Research from the The Get it Right Initiative (GIRI) has revealed that annual spend due to error in the UK construction industry is between a staggering £10-25Bn per annum across the sector.

The top ten root causes are:

• Inadequate planning;
• Late design changes;
• Poorly communicated design information;
• Poor culture in relation to quality;
• Poorly coordinated design information;
• Inadequate attention paid in the design to construction;
• Excessive commercial (financial and time) pressure;
• Poor interface management and design;
• Ineffective communication between team members;
• Inadequate supervisory skills.

GIRI is a new organisation with the single aim to address the above and significantly reduce error and its associated consequences.

The Initiative has developed a ‘Strategy for Change’ which unites a campaign to change and align attitudes across the sector, focusing on attitude and culture, as well as skills development, how to improve management processes, including systems and construction technology and technique.

The Initiative launched in June 2017 with an engaging call to action from Sir John Armitt. Since then, GIRI has grown its membership of organisations spanning from Clients and Contractors, to Consultants and Developers and the insurance world, bringing together leading industry players to enable a deeper understanding of the challenges and a collaborative approach to improving error management throughout the construction process.

Get It Right Executive Director, Tom Barton says…”The Industry has such a huge problem in the amount that it wastes in correcting errors. With a diminishing level of resource it is absolutely essential that we all get hold of this and actually DO something about eliminating error. With the right leadership and culture every single organisation in the industry can do something very tangible not only to reduce its costs (and hence increase its profits) but also to enhance the reputation of individual companies and the Industry as a whole.”.

The Initiative enables all of its members to coordinate a campaign with the key objectives of changing and aligning attitudes across the sector so that all involved are committed to reducing errors in what we do.
Initiative members enjoy the benefits of  a bespoke ‘Avoidable Construction Errors workshop’ designed to help understand and address avoidable error within their businesses, access to cutting edge training, as well as benchmarking data and the opportunity to share knowledge in a ‘Chatham House Rules’ context through member only forums and conferences.

As recent members of the Get It Right Initiative Howdens are aligned with its mission to build a better construction industry for the UK

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Tom Barton
Executive Director, Get it Right Initiative