Customer & credit analysis

We’ll analyse five of your customers completely free of charge.

If your business is trading with a customer that is suddenly unable to pay their credit debts, the financial impact could be detrimental to your business. This is why it is important to know the risk posed by every customer and have the appropriate credit limits and processes in place to protect your business.

The Customer Checker is a free service from our Trade Credit experts, who will undertake a full credit appraisal. 

Choose up to five businesses for us to evaluate and our team of analysts will look to provide you with as much information about your customer. Our global business intelligence network enables us to access accurate information on the performance and stability of over 40 million businesses. 

We will provide information about your customer such as;

  • Financial health and viability
  • Trading outlook
  • Credit profile including payment practices
  • Adverse information likely to impact on your trade
  • Probability of payment default
  • Potential for fraud
  • General risks that could affect your business

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