Structured Credit Insurance

A transaction enabler and capital relief tool

For global financial institutions, traders and non-bank lenders, credit insurance can be a vital tool to help support existing business models, manage exposure and overcome regulatory or operational challenges.

Our Credit and Investment Risks team specialises in providing credit insurance solutions to financial institutions and non-bank lenders to help them achieve strategic objectives. We can arrange credit insurance solutions on a single-name or portfolio basis and often work with clients to develop unique structures to address highly specific business needs.

Among other things, our credit insurance products provide an additional channel of distribution, help to create headroom in respect of internal concentration limits and in the case of banks, reduce risk-weighted assets and thus improve capital ratios.

For capital relief solutions in particular, we are at the forefront of the market and are able to provide expertise and advice around the regulatory environment in the context of Basel III’s implementation in Europe through the CRR/CRD IV.  In this regard, we are confident that our capital relief solutions offer a viable alternative to more costly forms of synthetic securitisation and capital raising exercises.

Our products can be utilised for a variety of different asset classes and exposures, including:

  • Large Corporate
  • Trade Finance
  • Residential & Commercial Mortgages
  • SME lending
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Liquidity Facilities

Key Contacts

Tom Stansfield

Tom Stansfield

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We consider claims throughout the entire client journey, from initial policy selection to final claim resolution. It is not just when a loss occurs that our claims expertise applies, it is an inherent part of everything that we do.

Our claims specialists work alongside our sector teams to ensure that they are an integral part of the client relationship. By handling claims in-house we are able to guarantee a consistent level of service and responsiveness, which everyone is committed to.