Mergers & Acquisitions Insurance

Transferring the risks associated with mergers, acquisitions or recapitalisations to the insurance market.

A single policy can cover a diverse range of known and unknown risks including title to assets or shares, accuracy of accounts, taxation, intellectual property rights and environmental matters.

A growing number of businesses recognise the benefits of using the product proactively by allowing for the release of capital from escrow and improvements to internal rates of return or the gaining of an edge when bidding in a competitive auction scenario.

The cover

Warranty and Indemnity Insurance
Protects against loss arising from a breach of warranty or claim under the tax covenant. Legal defence costs are included.

Tax Liability Insurance
Protects against loss arising from crystallisation of a known tax risk, such as a legacy risk of the target highlighted during due diligence or challenge to a transaction structure. Legal defence costs are included.

Contingent Risk Insurance
Protects against loss arising from crystallisation of a known issue including on-going litigation, contractual disputes or alleged IP infringement.

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Key Contacts

Richard French

Richard French

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We consider claims throughout the entire client journey, from initial policy selection to final claim resolution. It is not just when a loss occurs that our claims expertise applies, it is an inherent part of everything that we do.

Our claims specialists work alongside our sector teams to ensure that they are an integral part of the client relationship. By handling claims in-house we are able to guarantee a consistent level of service and responsiveness, which everyone is committed to.