Intellectual Property Insurance

Intellectual Property is the key asset of many businesses.

We recognise that IP can be the lifeblood of a company, generating revenue and brand value. As a specialist broker, we see IP insurance as a business enabler. An IP insurance policy can aid in the defence against claims arising from third-party allegations of IP infringement, thereby preserving the value of an asset for owners, entrepreneurs, investment houses and other interested parties.

In today’s competitive world, protecting your knowledge, ideas and products from infringement by competitors is essential.

A competitor could cause financial ruin for a company who cannot fund the costs of expensive patent litigation.

Alternatively, policies can provide pursuit costs, to enable you to enforce your rights against a third party breaching your intellectual property.

As long as you are not aware of any known infringement or isolation, you can apply for insurance to protect your trademark or patent.

The cover

  • Litigation costs
  • Pursuit costs
  • Damages
  • Directors’ and Officers’
  • Cross-undertaking costs
  • Expenses
  • Business continuity
  • Product recall
  • Other extensions

Key Contacts


We consider claims throughout the entire client journey, from initial policy selection to final claim resolution. It is not just when a loss occurs that our claims expertise applies, it is an inherent part of everything that we do.

Our claims specialists work alongside our sector teams to ensure that they are an integral part of the client relationship. By handling claims in-house we are able to guarantee a consistent level of service and responsiveness, which everyone is committed to.