Thermography is critical to prevention and risk management

It is a proven and effective method of detecting potential catastrophic electrical failures, the cause of 30-40% of large fire losses. The process studies heat distribution.

The Benefits

  • A nationwide team of qualified engineer surveyors, highly trained in the use of thermographic equipment
  • A full report alerting you to any serious risks. As well as a prioritised list of remedial actions
  • A risk-based electrical inspection & testing regime can be developed offering substantial cost benefits
  • A full visual inspection of a building’s electrical system
  • Service can also incorporate plant items such as motors or production equipment
  • Discounts from your insurers when you undertake thermography audits and improvement plans

As commercial insurance brokers, identifying and minimising risks is one of our primary responsibilities. We are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to improve the quality of RM that we provide our clients. This service, focused on a building’s electrical distribution system, is one such example.

The thermographic assessment service utilises state of the art equipment that can reveal energy surges in electrical equipment that are invisible to the naked eye. Defects are identified and classified according to their potential to become a fire risk, or to be the cause of component failure. A detailed, prioritised and actionable report has images of all the areas of concern.

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