Retail Outlets

Insurance solutions for retail outlets

The retail sector has seen rapid development in recent years. Town centre and out-of-town developments are common to almost every UK urban conurbation, and shopping is cited as a regular leisure pursuit for many households.

Advances in technology have made online shopping a must-have facility for ‘traditional’ retailers, swelling the already extensive specialist on-line retailer universe.  

Brands are an important signal to consumers of quality and reliability, but with the advent of social media negative stories can go ‘viral’ in a matter of minutes, leading to damaged reputations and balance sheets.

More than ever, retailers need to be able to protect both their brands and their wider reputations with comprehensive insurance products, built around their specific needs. 

Our expertise in the retail outlet sector dates back many years and we are specialists in:

  • Property insurance 
  • Employers', public and product liability 
  • Contingency planning for product recalls 
  • Online security, including data security and liabilities arising from a breach of data security 
  • Supply chain analysis and risk assessment 
  • Brand and reputation management 
  • Staff risk management policies
  • Business continuity 
  • Environmental risks

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