Experiential travel is the way forward.

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Many high-net-worth individuals are seeking experiences that cannot be encountered anywhere else in the world.

It is no longer about gold taps, private plunge pools and your own dedicated butler, it is all about experiences.  

Always one to innovate and never imitate, Alphonse Island is remote, secluded, unspoiled and is leading the way in experiential travel.  Their slogan is ‘Experiences are our Luxury’ and never has a tagline been more apt.  At Alphonse Island, you can encounter experiences that are unique and unavailable anywhere else in the Seychelles, giving you the opportunity to have an authentic Seychelles vacation. 

Located 400 kilometres from the mainland of Mahe and only accessible by plane, Alphonse Island is part of the Alphonse Group of Islands, which also include the uninhabited islands of St Francois and Bijoutier.  With no mobile phone signal and limited internet, interconnectivity is replaced with the connectivity to the pristine, unspoiled, environment and friends, family and loved ones. Accommodation comprises of 21 Beach Bungalows and five Beach Suites, all with direct beach access and panoramic, uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean.  

Diving into the warm tropical waters of Alphonse Island reveals a vibrant array of coral and fish as far as the eye can see.  Forests of giant gorgonian sea fans, sea whips and black corals can be viewed along the precipitous drop-off and the incredible hard coral formations on the plateau are a magnificent sight to behold! The unique experiences that cannot be encountered anywhere else in the Seychelles, is what positions Alphonse Island in a league of their own!!  Sail across the sparkling Indian Ocean in a catamaran to the St Francois Flats, beyond the uninhabited island of St Francois and encounter one of the most magical and extraordinary lunch venues.  Dazzling white sand, surrounded by sapphire blue waters and the expanse of the sky above is simply breathtaking.  Feast on a selection of grilled meats, fish and delicious salads. 

On land, discover the flora and fauna that inhabit Alphonse on a guided bike tour with an expert conservationist, feed the giant tortoises that freely roam the island, wade out onto the surrounding flats and see the array of wildlife that exist in this ecosystem. 

R K Harrison prides itself on being able to extend some of the household policies we offer to include comprehensive travel insurance for its discerning clients which can include high cancellation limits and diving up to 30 metres in depth unaccompanied.  Its knowledgeable and friendly staff can tailor detail insurance policies to cover a wide range of adventures and experiences, perfect when planning your vacation to Alphonse Island.

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