Mountaineering Instructors

Mountaineering Instructors

Important documents for Mountaineering Instructors

Perkins Slade provide you with a bespoke Liability policy which protects you whilst carrying out all activities that are within the remit of your Mountain Training qualifications.

In addition we provide full members with cover for activities outside of remit for which you are appropriately qualified and/or experienced subject to certain restrictions. Further details can be found in the member’s guidance notes. If you are unsure as to whether your activity can be included please see the FAQs.

Application for insurance - activities within remit

You may purchase your insurance cover and receive your documentation immediately using the online facility provided you do not undertake activities outside the remit of your MT qualification, Option A as described in the guidance notes below.

Purchase Option A cover online here >

Application for insurance - additional activities

Alternatively, if you undertake activities that fall within Option B as described in the guidance notes below, read the documentation under General Information below before downloading, completing and returning your application form.

Application Form >
Application Form (Republic of Ireland) >

General Information

Important Information >
Statement of Fact >
Frequently Asked Questions >
Members guidance notes >

Cover for activities under Option B, which are those activities outside the remit of your MT qualficiations, is individually underwritten and processed offline by the Perkins Slade sports team. This ensures that we fully understand your requirements and provide cover that is appropriate for your needs.



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