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No obligation appraisal

Competition amongst PII brokers has increased tenfold, with a large number of general insurance brokers attempting to move into the specialist field as a result of increased insurance capacity.

When managed properly, utilising the services of more than one broker at renewal can be a useful way of ensuring that your premium remain competitive. Engaging a second broker will also allow you to assess the service proposition of your incumbent and at the very least, will give you the opportunity to start building a relationship with a second broker who could step in if needed.

However, some firms are uncomfortable with the idea of inviting a second broker to provide a formal quotation. There are a variety of reasons for this, such as loyalty to a longstanding relationship with an insurance broker, concern about upsetting existing insurers or simply a lack of time.

If this applies to you, how do go about confirming that you are benefitting from the right cover, from the right insurer at the right price? How do you know whether your self-insured excess is at the right level and how do you know who to turn to if your incumbent broker or insurer lets you down?

To help you overcome these challenges, we offer a confidential PII review service. It does not require us to approach insurers; it’s free of charge and it does not place you under any obligation to pursue our services any further.

This review does not extend to us speaking with insurers unless we have your authority to do. We place PII on behalf of over 1,000 legal services firms; the size and diversity of our client base provides us with significant insurance market intelligence on a continuous basis. This intelligence allows us to confidently indicate renewal terms for the majority of professional services firms without a detailed renewal submission or a formal conversation with insurers. 

What does Howden get out of it?

We get to demonstrate our expertise and perhaps open the door to developing what we hope will become a strong working relationship.

To find out more about how we can support Solicitor firms, please visit our page here.

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